Review Policy

*I am currently not accepting review requests*

If you would like to send me a copy of your book for review consideration, then please email me at: and I will reply as soon as I can. If I do not reply, it either means I am still deciding if I want to review your book, too busy to reply or I do not want to review your book.


  • I do have a kindle, so I will accept ebooks in mobi format. I can also accept epub formats for my tablet, although this is not the ideal.
  • Genres I will not accept are: Murder Mystery Whodunnits, urban, biographies, poetry 
  • I am willing to consider non-fiction titles on an individual basis - I mostly enjoy popular science, history, animal/human relationships and books on writing and reading 

  • Please remember that I do this as a hobby and that I have many of my own books that I want to read and that I am a university student, therefore, I will add your books into my schedule where I can. Also, please remember that my accepting your book for review does not meant there will always be a review, this will be because I could not rate your book higher than 3 stars or I could not finish it for whatever reason. If you do not mind me posting a less than positive or DNF review, please mention it when you contact me.

    If you send me your book before its release date, then please ensure I receive it within a minimum of a month before the book is due to be published.

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