Monday, 31 March 2014

What I Read: March Wrap-Up

As March was the last month of my first year at university, it was very busy indeed. Therefore I did not get in as much reading as I would have liked. I read 5 books for school and only one for myself and that one I only managed to find time for was by reading it on the bus to uni.

News from Nowhere and The Time Machine were both for my Victorian Lit module, as we were discussing utopias and dystopias. I liked The Time Machine much more than News From Nowhere, as it was not only more scifi-ish but a lot more happens.

I found Invisible Cities beautifully written but incredibly boring. I read it for my Creative Writing module, to help give an idea in how to write in a postmodern way. Did it help? Not really.

I read The Things They Carried for American Lit and I loved it, it is the best thing I have read for the whole module. I even wrote an essay on it and I still love it, thats says a lot because usually writing an essay on something makes me hate it (or at least like it less).

Small Island just may be the most mainstream book I read for university this year. I read it for my Post-War and Contemporary Lit class while we were looking at postcolonialism. I love the book and really enjoyed studying postcolonialism - so much that I am doing a whole module on it next year.

The one book I read that is not for school is Half Bad by Sally Green and I really enjoyed this and already posted a review.

Even though I have finished all my classes, I still have one more essay to write and two exams to revise for, plus I am moving house and will be looking for a job. Therefore, I won't have loads of free time but just enough to get in a lot more reading than I have had since I started university. So hopefully there will be quite a few more posts going up. Happy April everyone.

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