Monday, 20 January 2014

Well, Hello There *Waves*

Who would have thought that there would be so much pressure when it comes to writing the first blog post. It's like it is a momentous occasion or something, when really it's not. It's not like many people (or any) are going to read this, so I should just chill out.

So, what is this blog going to be about? The plan is, that it is going to be a book blog, where I, well, where I talk about books. I will post reviews and generally anything book related that I want to chat about. On occasion I may post about non-book related subjects, like TV and movies or such.

The frequency of posts probably won't be that regular to start with, as I am in university, so I am quite busy. When summer comes around, I will reads lots and have more to write about.

Until the next post, fare well.


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