Thursday, 27 February 2014

What I Borrowed: Library Haul #2

Confession: I only read one of the books I checked out from the library last month and that was Steelheart. A bad habit I have, is to check out a whole bunch of books but then only read one or two. I don't like to renew books over and over, just incase someone is waiting for them but doesn't want to put them on reserve (because that costs money). So, if I havent't read them after one renewal I take them back - very thoughful of me I know.

Anyway on to the haul. I currently only have 5 books checked out and I WILL read all of them.

Cress by Marrisa Meyer is book three in the Lunar Chronicles, which is a very loose, but very cool fairytale re-telling. The first book in the series, Cinder introduces us to the cool new world that has cyborgs, spaceships and an inhabited Moon. We also meet Cinder, who is as you might guess - Cinderella, but don't expect talking mice or fairy Godmothers. In the second book Scarlet, we meet a new main character, Scarlet who is Little Red Riding Hood, whose life becomes embroiled with Cinders. Cress brings us yet another new character, this time it is Rapunzel and I expect she will somehow cross paths with Cinder and Scarlet. I very much enjoyed the first two books and I am certain I enjoy will this one too.

Into The Still Blue by Veronica Rossi is the final book in the Under The Never Sky trilogy. The series follows a girl called Aria who grew up in a world where the Earth's atmosphere is almost deadly so people live inside self-contained pods and they spend the majority of their time within virtual worlds. Aria has been told that the people who live outside these pods are akin to savages. After an altercation with the son of a powerful man Aria is exiled to the outside world where she meets Perry, an outsider, who is not at all what she would have expected. The novels are also told from Perry's perspective in alternating chapters, but I will let you find out for yourself about him.

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead is a spin-off series from the Vampire Academy series. I don't know much about this series, just that it is told from Sydney the alchemist's point of view and that Adrain Ivashkov makes an appearence or two. I love the Vampire Academy series so I am super excited to get started on this.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown is a book that I didn't know all that much about going in, except that it is set on Mars and has been said to be like The Hunger Games meets Ender's Game meets The Game of Thrones (sensing a theme here). I have started reading it and so far I don't see any resemblence to either of those novels but I am really liking it. There will be a review. To go all shallow on you for a minute - HOT AUTHOR ALERT - seriously, look him up. I find attractive male authors are so far and few between that I need to appreciate them when they appear. Also, he likes Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon, two of my favourite people - I think I'm in love. We now return you back to your scheduled programming...

To contradict what I just said in my confession - I still have Watchmen from last month's haul. The reason being is that I am actually still reading it and have been for what feels like forever now. Not because it isn't good or I am not enjoying it, because it is and I am, I just simply haven't finished it yet for whatever reason. I am also currently reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown and I am really enjoying it so far.

My cat is enjoying Watchmen too.

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