Thursday, 1 May 2014

Monthly Wrap-Up: April 2014


I can't believe that we are already a 1/3 into 2014, it will be 2015 before we know it






April was my first whole month of blogging and I published 24 posts, that is more than my first 3 months of blogging combined, which was a paltry 10 posts. I have learned a lot about blogging this past month and what I learned the most is that I still have a lot to learn. Other things I have learned is that blogging is hard work and requires a lot, A LOT, of time.The best thing I have learned about book blogging, aside from the fact that I love it, is that there is a huge book blogging community out there, way bigger than I even realised before I started and so far this community has been lovely and supportive. I hope to have many, many more months of blogging ahead of me.


April was a very lazy month for me, I spent most of it reading, watching TV or sat with my laptop glued to my lap. Next month probably won't be much better but I hope it will be.

I planned to spend April revising for my upcoming exams, but even as I write this I haven't done one bit of revision and the first exam is in 13 days. Oh well, I'm not worried (yet!!!).

I found a new house, yay, I just gotta wait for my housing association's approval of the swap and I will be good to go. I am so excited about the move, I am so looking forward to getting out of the country and into town and not having to catch a bus everyday. I am going to miss the beautiful country views and horses everywhere you look, and I am going to miss this house that my family moved into back in 1989. I am sure I will cry when I hand over the keys. But I need a new start and to be closer to university so I can actually get involved in the student experience and join societies and such. Those are things I can't currently do because buses to my village stop running after 5 o'clock and I like my bed, so I don't want to be camping on other peoples floors and I am to old for all that ;-)

All I have planned for May is revising and packing and if the sun comes out - reading in the sun.

How was your April?
Any plans for May?


  1. You read, bought, and won some awesome books Natalie. I see you bought Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen, which I'm currently reading and enjoying immensely, hopefully you will too!
    Great news about the house, Congratulations!! It's crazy how fast this year is moving. Here's to May, let's hope for good weather, happy reading and successful, fun blogging :)
    Happy 1st of the Month! xoxox
    Michelle @ Book Hangovers

    1. Hey Michelle, I am glad you are enjoying Stolen Songbird, thats means I will too.
      Yep fingers crossed that May is great.
      Happy first to you too X


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