Monday, 25 August 2014

Bout of Books 11 Read-a-Thon Progress for Sunday 24th and Wrap-Up

Bout of Books

Number of Books Read to Date


Books Read on Sunday


Blogs Visited


Challenge Completed


I was out of the house and busy all day Sunday, so I didn't get time to read or go online and participate.


I enjoyed doing this readathon and although I sucked at the last few days, I still had fun. I have learnt that if I do another readathon to not have such big goals and that I need to spread my reading instead of trying to do too much all at once.

So, did I meet any of my goals?

*Goal one was to read:


I read Fool's Assassin, The Witch of Salt & Storm, The 100 and Day 21. Three out of five plus one extra.

*Goal two was to read at least one school book, but I didn't.

*Goal three was to read Savage Drift my Emmy Laybourne, I didn't read that either.

*Goal four was to finish listening to Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. Almost, I have 10 chapters left

*Goal five was to read Serenity Leaves on the Wind...

... and that I did read.

*Goal six was to visit five participating blogs a day. I managed a paltry 3 days out of seven visiting only 15 blogs.

*Goal seven was to take part in at least 3 challenges. This one I did do, I did the Book Scavenger Hunt, Create a Sentence and Spell it out challenges.

*And goal eight was to participate in one twitter chat. I participated for about the first 30 minutes but I HAD to stop and eat, and by the time I had finished the chat was over.

I didn't do too great and so, I think that next time I will make 5 books my goal and to only visitt other blogs on days I am already on my computer and not have to get online just to visit blogs.

How did you do?

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