Saturday, 10 January 2015

Chatty Saturday: Tell me about your local library

When I lived in America the library system there was fanatstic, I practically lived in the library. They had everybook, movie or CD that I could possibly want, and if they didn't I would simply fill in a form and 9 times out of 10 the library would get it. It also cost me next to nothing, the only time I spent money there was on over due fines, printing and the buying of used books. I used have around 40 items on hold at any one time and I would be in the library nearly everyday picking up new goodies. I was in there so often, I would get to know the librarians on a first name basis and we would chat about the items I was picking up or returning and other book related chit chat.

The libraries here in England are vastly different, you have to pay for everything besides checking out books - It costs £1.30 to put an item on hold, £1.80 for an audiobook, £1.00 for a CD, £2.50 to rent a dvd, and £1 for 20 minutes on the internet. My particular library system very rarely have the books I want to read, hence one of the reasons I buy so many books, and if  I do see a book I want to read at the library, I get very excited about it, because it happens so rarely.

I don't get me wrong, I love libraries, I think they are wonderful and I will support them no matter what. I simply just miss the wonderful amazingness that is the Virginia Beach public library system.

Enough of my ranting ;-) 
How about you, do you use your local libray? If so, how is the selection and what if anything do you have to pay for?


  1. Our library is good, I ought to go there more I would save a lot of money as I usually buy books. My problem is I like to own the book, if it's one I want, but I do think a great library is a good thing. :)

    1. I understand wanting to own the books, nothing beats having your own personal library ;-)

      I tend to buy a book to add to my collection if I read and really loved the library copy. I have a bunch of books in my collection that I haven't read that actual copy, but I read a library copy and then just had to own it.

      As a poor student, being able to get books from the library is almost a must, but unfortunately my library only has like 4 out of every 10 books I want to read. That is better than none I know and I am grateful for that.

  2. My country's libraries are good and the systems works pretty well but besides getting exam books there, I rarely use it. I read mainly in English and most libraries 'Books in English' section for YA is quite non-existent (there are basically only the most popular book series). I do love libraries, I just wish they would have better selection especially when it comes to YA and NA - because adult books, mystery-thrillers and classics they do have, not just what I'd like to read. Or then I should just read in Finnish but translations are often more bad than good so I don't want to, especially when I'm perfectly capable of reading in English.

    Henna @ Howling for Books

    1. That is such a shame that your library doesn't have a good selection of English YA & NA books :-( So I guess you have to do what I do - either buy the books you want to read when you have the money or wait! I hate waiting ;-)

  3. Wow! I had no idea that the library system in England was so different than here in the US. I guess I need to count my blessings!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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